Get JiNXED #3

Sup ladies and gents of the sanctuary? Everything is going well on my end. I just finished recording the 1st Q/A you can expect that within this week. Jaclyn suppose to deliver my intro Wednesday, so once I get that I’ll be able to edit and release it.

Life in Austin, TX is going great. From my Crossfitt family, co workers and people I’ve met here in general has become a great social experience for me. Monday-Thursdays is businesses as usual, but I’m always out Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Last couple of weekends, I didn’t even sleep at my own place it was on somebody’s couch or something b/c I would always be drinking, playing beer pong or whatever. Great people and they have crashed on my couch many of times. It’s not all about sitting and drinking tho. We went to the zoo, rode jetski, play various of sports in the afternoon, dancing, bar hopping to name a few. I can’t just sit and drink all the time, that gets lame quick. Couple of friends and I went to Florida to see Crown the Empire in the warped tour. If you ever liked their music definitely give them a try live. Their newest album Resistance: Rise of the Runaways is amazing 5/5. If you love rock genre music, it’s worth checking out. I have my passports and tickets and I’m a go for my trip top Italy this fall.

I’m still doing Crossfitt regularly. Still planning on participating in the 2015 Crossfitt games open. The closer next year come the more excited I am for it. I was also thinking about joining an adult sports league, but with work and everything I just don’t have time.

That’s it for this one. Little boring I know, but hopefully when videos start to come it’ll jazz things up a bit. Love you guys, chase your dreams and what you want. Be good!




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