Get JiNXED #1

Hello Sanctuary! It’s been a couple of days and you guys deserve a post for being awesome. Lately, emails that im receiving are about me getting back to my personal style of blogging, so this series “Get JiNXED” will be all about the new happenings with my life. Let us begin.

Life is great right now guys. 2014 my main goals was to graduate from LSU (Biological Engineering), find a job, move into my own space and be independent. As of June, I’ve accomplished all those goals. I finally fully furnished two bedroom apartment, got involved in crossfit here and working in a lab doing medical research. Crossfit is amazing. I love it and so far have made a lot of friends there. It’s definitely help me get to my fitness goals. Currently, I have 9% body fat weighting around 178lbs. The job is very mentally taxing, but at the end of the day it’s so worth it. New place, no worries. My social life is very alive and healthy here. Paige moved in with me and I couldn’t be happier that we decided to do that. I’ve known her for two years, but it definitely different when you actually live with someone. This relationship is the best when it comes to communication. If not at dinner, every night as we cuddle to go to bed our pillow talks are about us. It’s a great feeling to be able to verbally express anything to your partner everyday. Sure, the time will come that we’re seriously going to bump heads, but right now we’re in a great place. We only have two routinely events: Spa day Mondays, we both go and get spoiled at the spa. One of her personal preference is no hair below the neck, so I get waxed and everything. Great way to end a Monday. Once a week, we hop on my motorcycle or drive taking the backroads while singing country songs together and go to this hill during the evening/night and watch “dry lighting” Currently, there’s no pressure. We’re truly enjoying each other day by day. Don’t matter if she gains weights or what she do for a living. I’ve really fallen for her.

Some ask: When you get a great job or reach milestone do people around you change? Eh. Yes and no. Just want to say that I never go around and disclose how much money I make. Even when my friends do ask me. One thing I can say is that majority of my friends have great character. Even tho I may reach the level in life that they’re trying to get they know I’m still ole JiNX. On the other hand, sadly yes there are people I know that treats me way differently. Majority for immature reasons like I don’t belong in their social class or whatever. It hurts a little because some of these people mean a lot to me. What I do for a living or how much money I make don’t define me as a person. Yes. I like to take Paige on expensive dates from time to time or travel, but by posting pictures of it is not rubbing it in your face. I’m sure as hell not the smartest or talented guy in the world. I got here through pure work ethic. If I can achieve it, so can you. I would love to even help you get there.

Let’s talk Army. Most of you know I transferred from my old unit to a new one. Currently, I’m filling an E5/SGT 19D: Cav Scout slot. Now I was originally planning on going to OCS, but I ETS in 2016 which means that I would needed to reup in order to go to OCS. I’m 50/50 on if im going to reup or not. I’m going to see how the last two years play out and make a decision when that time comes, but in the meantime it would be awesome if I can catch a deploymemt somewhere. I miss the people in my old unit, but the thing with guard it’s more community driven. It’s nothing to go visit and see then on the civilian side.

I’ve recently got my first tattoo and pretty soon I will get my half sleeve done. With me having a job now I finally have the funds to get exactly what I want. Been wanting to get inked for the longest. Glad I can start doing so now.

Starting a band? Say what?! Now before you guys get excited from my understanding a guy I used to stream on twitch gave the juicy details of my punk rock band. Everybody that was apart of that band live in different states. Also, I don’t want to start a band because I don’t think I would be able to commit to the other members. I’ve already decided not to go to grad school, so I can relax and enjoy life a little. Definitely if they’re looking to do it full time. I really don’t have the vocals like I used too, but I really want to pick up and start back playing my guitar.

That’s it for now. I’ll be sure to try and keep a good mix of these blogs for the upcoming future.



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