Twitter was hacked & a little update!

Hey Sanctuary. I know its been awhile since my last update. Sorry that I haven’t updated on Mondays like you guys are expecting me to. I’ve actually been pretty busy here with my time in Austin. As some of you know I actually started working at my job way before the August 8th. The thing is I realize yes maybe I had all the time in the world this summer doesn’t mean that my new friends here in Austin had that luxury. Closed mouths don’t get fed, so I called my place of work and asked if I could start working and they agreed and started my salary and I was working the next week. Medical research is so taxing. I seriously go brain dead after work and I feel like my reaction time to everything slows down. Everyone there says that it is pretty normal and that I will get use to it, so I’m hoping that they’re right.

Real reason I’m posting this late at night is to let you guys know that my last twitter and instagram got hacked. I didn’t even realize it till I start reading some of you guys emails and I realize that my accounts was compromised. Instagram I was able to save, but twitter I decided if it was easier to get that shut down and just start fresh with a new one! The new handle is “AnoleCreole” so follow that bad boy. I have over 80 emails for the Q/A. It will be in a video format.

Besides that guys life is awesome right now. My biggest issue and I think everyone issue when moving into a new city without knowing anybody is that you have to start all over and meet new people, some think it’s a drag, but its definitely been a blessing for me. A lot of your Q/A emails will cover a lot of what you guys may be wondering, so expect many of you guys questions to be answered in that video. My 1st backpacking adventure is next weekend, I’m still good to go to Italy and take my god daughter to a one direction concert.

Got to go, 5th beer in and these guys want to go take a walk. Be good guys. Have a safe 4th the of July.



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