Taking care of business.

Hey everyone, just getting back in after tailgate talk and a few beers with amazing people. Sry for nothing this Monday, I’ve really been tied up. Currently, I’m in the process of passing all of my finals. With that being said, I also have obligations over here I have to fulfill, getting everything ready for the big move to Austin, TX on the 16th, having a social life and get ready for being advon for annual training 2014. I didn’t believe the rumors about annual training was going to be in Belize, but yes it is. One final time to make memories with them before I transfer over to a Texas unit. I don’t know how they got the funds to pull this off, but they definitely did it. While everyone else gets a nice commercial airplane to fly there. Advon we are basically going to ride in a cargo plane. I’m not worried about it. It’s gives me three more days of pay and play in the crystal clear water. It’s going to be interesting to see how many soldiers are going to get in trouble this annual training.

Personally, I’m doing great guys. I’m at that point where I finally forgive myself for the things I didn’t do right in life and relationships. I can honestly say, without a doubt it made me into a better and more social of a person. Now I can take that with me too my next relationship and they’ll get a better version of me. I’m not going to do the whole my previous relationship video because I’ll always cherish those memories and she’s a huge part of who I am today. I’ve made peace with it. I can’t find a good reason to talk to her or anybody about the past. I know what I did wrong, learned from it and moving on. Whenever we do text i don’t feel like not the “omg why u quit on me” sappy blah blah. I’ve just made peace with and continuing on with my life. Always take the time and figure out where can you improve. Being honest with yourself will set you free. For some, I know you’ve saw my tattoo from my friends vlog. I will share it with u once it’s 100% completed. I still want to add to it. I was scheduled to go and get it finished on the 13th. I might have to reschedule because I think it’s cutting it pretty close. If it takes longer than a week to heal I’m screwed because I will doing annual training. Besides wearing the full uniform I want to be able to go surfing or hang at the beach all afternoon without worry about aggravating or messing up the quality of a new tattoo. My blog been getting some international love with views from Africa and Iraq.

Again, thank you guys for all the love and support. I’m excited for the move it should be an interesting new chapter in my life.



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